Greg Benson Photography

Professional Commercial Photographer

Greg Benson brings to his work a passion for visual storytelling. To get the perfect shot, he’s willing to fly through the air, climb up in tall buildings, or even plant both feet on solid ground.


Driven by an intense curiosity of places and people, he specializes in architectural photography but is equally proficient with human subjects.


Greg has flown in helicopters for aerial photography assignments for the past 20 years. Starting in 2015, he has flown drones hundreds of times to capture stills and videos of the built environment.


Based in the Philadelphia area, Greg’s work has taken him to many places in the United States, and his clients range from ad agencies and architects to universities and real estate companies.


He has mastered traditional photographic techniques as well as cutting-edge digital innovations to consistently deliver great images that help his clients succeed.


Greg has a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Cornell University and also studied Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He surrounds himself with a supportive family of visual artists: wife Beverly is a painter; daughter Lily is a feminist artist based in Brooklyn; and son Paul is a valued member of Greg’s photography team.


And even though Greg fully appreciates and employs today’s tech gadgets, he loves coffee, beer, and tasty healthy food.


"Introduction to Drone Photography"


Explore the process of licensing, through the experience of two professional drone pilots. They will share pitfalls and mishaps, while reviewing safety regulations. As well as equipment requirements and cost, insurance protocols, and statistics of this very popular tool.