Jack Ramsdale Photography

Professional Commercial Photographer

Jack Ramdale's involvement with photography spans 40 years and about 30 years ago, had the first taste of the aerial photography experience. He has retained the interest and developed his skills in the aerial photography field.  

Initial interests in the art of photography and receiving a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, these interests have come together and he works in both fields.  Experience as a drone pilot, photographer and videographer are used in his business, as an aerial and architectural photographer and has found venues to use these skills and vision that is incorporated into his art.  He is currently in an alternative contemporary landscape exhibition at the Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia.


Aerial drone photography is a continuing quest to improve skills and to learn, which has been very rewarding.


"Introduction to Drone Photography"


Explore the process of licensing, through the experience of two professional drone pilots. They will share pitfalls and mishaps, while reviewing safety regulations. As well as equipment requirements and cost, insurance protocols, and statistics of this very popular tool.